Curly Hair

Three Haircuts for Curly Hair


Curly hair

Curly hair can be incredibly hard to style, but with the right cut, you can minimize the trouble. If you are reading this article, you are probably familiar with the typical everyday struggles. However, either a blessing or a curse, this texture allows you to have a variety of styles and lengths. So before you reach out for the flat iron, take a moment to consider your options. Here is a brief overview of the most popular shapes for curly-haired beauties.

  1. Short variations

Some of these are rebellious and punkish, others look more stately. If you do not have to look overly formal, try edgy bangs and messy voluminous curls. Both bangs and remaining tresses may be flat ironed for variety, and an A-line angle will be relevant.

The most common option is the classic bob. But be careful: if you go too short, managing your mane may get complicated. In addition, if your stylist is unskilled, you could end up looking like your granny. Here is a tip for the dense-haired: to enhance the texture and make your hair more manageable, thin it out from the inside.

  1. Medium variations

Shoulder-length curls will look fabulous in tousled styles. You could wear small or medium curls or waves.

A good example of a tousled cut is the messy brunette shag. It will frame your face and accentuate your eyes. Not only does it look effortless, but it is also simple to maintain. Today, shags are in fashion, so join in! With proper coloring, it will look beachy, but not overpowering. Importantly, such variations suit all curly-haired women regardless of age and face shape.

If you appreciate natural loose curls, opt for a simple layered cut. A professional will create layers most flattering for your pattern. Different curls require different shapes! At the back, you could have a U-cut, which looks great with defined curls.

And if you like playing with hues, try a blonde balayage lob for wavy locks. This coloring technique creates graduate natural-looking layers that are darker at the roots. The cut could be finger-combed, even without a need for blow-drying. Just take a bit of mousse and let your hair dry on its own!  

  1. Long variations

There are multiple looks to choose from, and layering is also recommended for proper texture. You could wear breezy waves or defined sleek curls, braided sections or messy ringlets.

Release your inner lioness if your pattern allows it, and be sure to add a few layers! Sun-kissed balayage highlights will make your tresses look irresistibly natural. If your mane is very long and frizzy, apply strong mousse or calming cream. You could also opt for a long V-cut at the back.