Asymmetrical haircuts

Asymmetrical haircuts for blondes


In 2019, asymmetrical haircuts for blondes gained true popularity, but they did not lose their individuality. The secret of this fashionable trend is simple – a lot of styles and silhouettes of these hairstyles ideally highlight the features of appearance. It is worth to sort out in details what options will exactly suit you.


Minimalism and casual

Not surprisingly, these hairstyles have caused a real fuss this year. They are better than many other boring cuttings, they respond to global trends with simple but very individual images. This year, on the world catwalks were presented a luxurious minimalism and original casual. In this case, it is difficult to follow strict classical canons in hairstyle in order not to lost individuality.


Classical asymmetry

Asymmetrical haircuts better than others satisfy the will to create your individual image. Moreover, they are created in a wide variety of options, both on short and long hair. The very same asymmetrical versions of the classic bob look very stylish.

In the trends of this year, there is even very short hairstyles based on the classic garcon with very long bangs.


What do the stylists say?

There are no common advices from stylists for a certain length or style this season. The main argument of such a hairstyle is individuality, so how you choose the style and design depends only on the features of your appearance.

The first and very important point of the perfect hairstyle is layering. Classic graduation as the basis of the asymmetry will look great on the hair of medium and long length.



Does not matter what style, length or pattern you choose, do not forget about a very important aspect – colour. If you like extreme options, several strands can be coloured brightly, but preferably with the help of washing out means.

The complex silhouette of the hairstyle objectively makes not only the form, but also the hair colour. Healthy shiny, and beautifully coloured curls – the perfect combination with a complex and very fashionable style. The original design looks best in the most natural colour.

In choosing the colours of the season, the stylists showed real conservatism. No extreme white shades! Only natural, basic and very rich ones. For natural blondes best suit warm honey and wheat shades.


Famous blondes with asymmetrical hairstyle

Many women are seeking inspiration in the images of their favourite movie stars or musicians. Pink is famous for her super stylish asymmetrical cutting, Cameron Diaz is a true icon of style with her asymmetrical bob, Miley Cyrus impressed public with fashionable pixie with side bang. There is one thing in common – they all are blondes.