Trendy Haircuts

Trendy Haircuts for Women Over 50


At any stage in life, women aspire to look youthful and beautiful. Not only is it natural, it is also quite doable. At 50, there are numerous ways to make your image stunning. Your hair is its essential element, and it may be experimented with. There is no reason to stop following fashions and simply go grey. Aging gracefully is an art, and an experienced stylist will help you find your perfect look. So, what hairstyles would be appropriate for an older lady?

What shapes to choose

There are numerous chic cuts that look stunning on older women. Just think of Madonna, Sharon Stone, or other celebrities who still rock trendy looks. In the previous century, women thought they could only have shorter haircuts. Today, however, the choice is endless, but with a few basic considerations in mind.

Do I have to change my usual style?

Not necessarily! If you have stuck to bobs or pixies, you could continue wearing them. Try on a few variations and grades to accentuate your facial features. A professional could recommend adding a few more layers to add volume and upgrade the look.

However, in case of more complex hairstyles and coloring, it could be wiser to simplify. Aim to soften the edges and cuts. Keep your locks away from your face, and get a decent coloring. If you are keen on highlights, make sure they are not too contrasting. You should look respectable, which excludes any zebra-like stripes of bold colors. Most importantly, the shape and color you choose should compliment your eyes and face shape.

Do not avoid bangs

Bangs make women look more youthful! They could be wispy and reach your eyebrows, or you could opt for some soft side waves. The shape of your face will determine the most harmonious look.

Consider your texture

Unfortunately, our hair gets thinner with age. This does dictate shorter length, but there are exceptions. Layered styles add volume, and medium versions are still possible. The thicker the hair – the longer the possible shape.

Here are a few popular bobs:

  1. Asymmetrical and layered

This youthful look can be further enhanced with gentle highlights. You could ask your stylist to create shorter layers in the back while leaving longer ones in the front. This will nicely frame your face.







  1. Short with bangs

It is respectable and simply classy. The bangs will compliment your eyes, while layers make the shape more voluminous.  








  1. Wavy and angled

Gorgeous on its own, the style will look stunning with balayage coloring. This technique creates natural-looking graduated layers of highlights. If permanent waves are not your thing, use rollers.