Haircuts with bangs

Haircuts with bangs for women over 50


The maturity for a woman is a time of serious change, both internal and external. A contemporary well-groomed lady in her fifties still looks attractive and modern, thanks to the help of cosmetologists and hairdressers. So, what hairstyles with a bang are suitable for women in their fifties?


The choice of cutting and color

Cutting for short and medium hair have many advantages. Not only do they have a magic rejuvenating effect, but they are also universal. This makes it possible to perform a variety of styling, from everyday options to evening ceremonial.

An important role for women over 50 plays a hair color – it must be chosen very carefully. If you do not want a radical change, then you have to select a hair shade as close as possible to your natural color.

If you are not scared of changes in appearance, then you can experiment. Chocolate, brandy, copper, chestnut, honey shades emphasize femininity. The main thing that the color should look luxurious and “expensive”. Highlighting can also be your ally in pursuit of noble beauty.


What hairstyles are appropriate for women after 50

The variety of haircutting with a bang is definitely huge: bob, short textured hairdressings, garcon, long bob, cascading and graduation, pixie, etc. Let us stop on the most successful options.

1)     Bob

Bob – a great option for women over 50-55 years. The famous stylist Vidal Sassoon invented the primary form of bob, which acquired a lot of modifications during more than half a century.

The main differences of this cutting are its functionality and simplicity in styling, due to which it is suitable even for dry and thin hair. Therefore, if your hair is not so thick, as in your youth you can safely select this universal hairdressing.


There is a lot of bob with bang versions:

  •        Short, with a lush mop.
  •        Long – with lush graduation.
  •        Layered bob.
  •        Asymmetrical, able to hide the imperfections of the face and neck.
  •        Bob with long sidelocks.


2)     Pixie

This daring hairstyle is great for active, creative and stylish women of medium and even advanced years. The secret of the pixie hairstyle is the chaotic or orderly locks of different lengths, due to which you can make the necessary volume in the right places. This cutting is suitable for both flat and curly hair. It is not complicated to lay them with the help of mousse.



3)     Garcon

Cutting with almost a hundred years of history is of male origin. This is clear from the name, which in French means “boy.” At the same time, the recognition of this haircut among women is very high, and the “garcon” itself has passed through serious changes and has become an elegant female styling.

Modern hairdressing “garcon” – a choice of brave ladies. Every woman can bring the garcon at home, and if she wants to, she can experiment with her hair.

With the help of haircutting, it is possible to mask many facial imperfections – wrinkles, pigment spots, which are difficult to hide with cosmetics. Now you simply select hairstyles with fringe for yourself.